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Mark Fansler

Mark V. Fansler, Founder & President

Mark is a Delaware Licensed Real Estate Agent/REALTOR, member of the New Castle County Board of Realtors, and Business & Real Estate Investment Coach with one of the nation's premier real estate investment and education firms. He is a licensed, bonded and insured general contractor. Mark and Linda are members of the Delaware Real Estate Investors Association.

I have been working in the real estate development for more than 35 years. Until recently, all of my experience was in commercial, mixed-use ventures. I started as a carpenter and advanced 

to Vice President of Construction Operations. I then moved to the business development side of the industry, learning how to create long-term relationships, determine accurate project budgets, and negotiate successful deals. It was not long before I advanced to Vice President of Pre-construction Services. Subsequently, I was given an opportunity to work on the real estate side as a Senior Project Manager for large, commercial mixed-use projects. Within a year, I advanced to Director of Commercial Mixed-use Properties for all of the company’s US-based ventures. Throughout my career, I have been involved as a minority partner; in 2008, I began investing personally and part time in residential real estate. I now devote 100% of my efforts toward real estate redevelopment and investing. I am also a licensed real estate agent to facilitate the process of identifying, buying, rehabbing and selling properties.

Linda Goldstein

Linda A. Goldstein, Partner


Linda is relatively new to real estate investing and redevelopment. Linda and Mark purchased, renovated, and sold their first "flip" as private investors in 2014. After joining FortuneBuilders in 2016, Mark made real estate investing a full-time venture, while Linda continues her 18-year freelance medical writing career. When time allows, she and Mark work together to look for distressed properties, structure deals, redesign homes, and select all materials and finishes.


In January 2018, Linda became an ASP-certified home staging professional. She maintains a large inventory of furniture and decor, and she stages all of MVA's renovated properties. Her first staging project was the 1805 Walnut Street renovation, which was a 3800-SF space! Most recently, Linda 

staged the 225 Dupont Circle renovation (4300 SF) with a mid-century modern vibe.


In May, MVA closed on a property where they plan to build a warehouse and rental unit. After our warehouse is "up and running," Linda plans to set up a system for other stagers, realtors, and home owners to rent her items in her inventory.

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